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M43: Debug Pins

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  • Описание
    The M43 T command toggles one or more pins.
    Requires PINS_DEBUGGING. This feature should be disabled for production use.

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    for other pins debug options.
    M43 T [I<bool>] [L<pin>] [R<count>] [S<pin>] [W<time>]
    Flag to ignore Marlin’s pin protection. Use with caution!!!!
    End Pin number. If not given, will default to last pin defined for this board
    Repeat pulses on each pin this number of times before continuing to next pin. If not given will default to 1.
    Start Pin number. If not given, will default to 0
    Wait time (in milliseconds) transitions. If not given will default to 500.
    Toggle pins 3-6 five times with 1 second low and 1 second high pulses but only if the pin isn’t in the protected list.
    M43 T S3 L6 R5 W1000
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