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M48: Probe Accuracy Test

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  • Описание
    Probes come in many flavors and as such have varying levels of accuracy, reliability, and repeatability, depending on several factors. This command tests the probe for accuracy and produces a standard deviation based on two or more probes of the same XY position.
    M48 [E<engage>] [L<legs>] [P<count>] [S<0|1>] [V<level>] [X<pos>] [Y<pos>]
    Engage for each probe
    Number of legs to probe
    Number of probes to do
    Star/Schizoid probe. By default this will do 7 points. Override with L.
    • S0:
      Circular pattern
    • S1:
      Star-like pattern
    Verbose Level
    X Position
    Y Position
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