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M7219: MAX7219 Control

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  • Описание
    Set the state of one or more Max7219 matrix displays or 7-segment digital displays.
    Requires MAX7219_DEBUG.
    M7219 [C<column>] [D<row>] [F] [P] [R<row>] [U<index>] [V<bits>] [X<index>] [Y<index>]
    Set the column specified by C to bit pattern V.
    Directly set a Max7219 native row (on the unit specified by U) to the 8-bit pattern V.
    Fill the matrix by turning on all LEDs.

    Initialize (clear) all matrixes.
    Print the LED array state for debugging.
    Set the row specified by R to bit pattern V.
    Used with D to specify which matrix unit to set.
    Value to apply when using the C, R, or X/Y parameters.
    Set a matrix LED at the given X position to the V value. If no V is given, toggle the LED state.
    Set a matrix LED at the given Y position to the V value. If no V is given, toggle the LED state.
    Max7219 with 8x8 Matrix
    This single-unit Max7219 with 8x8 Matrix is commonly found online in both assembled and kit form for only a few dollars.
    Settings for Max7219 Orientation
    Use the MAX7219_ROTATE and MAX7219_SIDE_BY_SIDE settings that best suit the orientation of your matrix according to this chart.

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