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Black masterbatch is made of high quality carbon black with high staining power and auxiliary agent.
Appearance: Black particles
Scope of application: Suitable for most of the thermoplastic resin injection molding blowing film blowing tube pressure sheet pressure plate and other processes, good dispersion, high blackness.
Excellent point: Environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, the surface of the product is smooth, bright and solid color color stability, good toughness, will not appear color spots and color lines and other phenomena, both reduce the cost, save additives, and reduce the pollution of the factory site.
Usage: Mix well with raw material to produce.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposure to the sun and rain.
Note: the above data is not as a specific technical specification, subject to the basic test.
Black Color masterbatch is widely used in the plastic processing industry,PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PS, 475, PC, EVA, etc. are suitable for most thermoplastic resins.
For example, injection molding injection molding, pipe-drawing material, sheet pressing plate, zhenzhu cotton blow bottle, hollow plate, wire and cable, etc., such as injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding, etc.
In real life, it is widely used in the injection molding of automobile plastic parts, the extrusion molding of plastic pipes and the production of agricultural plastic film geotechnical materials.
Our products are environment-friendly universal color masterbatch. Our complete set of products can fully meet the needs of all types of plastic products manufacturers.
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